Online Training

You travel a lot? Do you live in India, Singapore, Sweden or elsewhere in this world? Do you have family and kids at home that require you being at home ? Hate the gym? Here might be a solution for you: Online Training via Skype, FaceTime or any other video call available. It's easy and cost-effective for you too. You can stay at home, in your hotel room or take me to the gym. Check this out:


We arrange for a suitable timing and arrange for a video call.

In the beginning I will check what your targets are and all you need is a matt and a strong internet connection

Camera Adjustment

All we need is finding an angle where I can see what you do. No matter whether we exercise at your home, in your hotel room or in your gym. 

Let's go

I will tell and show you the exercise I want you to do - adjusted to your target. I will be able to see you and motivate you at all times. You will see, how cost and time efficient this works out for you and you spare your way to the gym. If you can't take your trainer with you - this is the perfect way to stick to your work out routine, even when travelling or you have your kids at home.