Face to Face - Online Training

How and why we offer this you may wonder? Here are the reasons:

  • you want to train in the comfort of your home (family and job don't make it easy to get to a gym)
  • you don't want to join a gym but don't know what you can do at home to get results
  • you hate gyms
  • the app you have doesn't motivate you enough (nobody is watching and motivating you after all)
  • you are travelling a lot and want your personal trainer to join - virtually

Let us talk on Skype, FaceTime etc.-  it just takes 2 simple steps

The Call

We check out what you want to achieve, where you are at, what you like, where you want to train and how often. 

The Start

Whether you want to train with your own body weight or do Pilates; whether you want to lose weight, shape up, build muscles or reduce stress - we will be with you all along. Live and just for you. We motivate you where you would give up or the app fails. Every session is just created for your needs and you personally.  We dare you trying it out and seeing for yourself.


pay as you go session, approx. 30-40 min


10 sessions package, approx. 30-40 min


20 sessions package, approx. 30-40 min

45 Euros


425  Euros


800 Euros

What can you achieve in 10 sessions?

In our experience  - a lot. You will feel the benefit of your muscles working after the first time already. It will be painful to continue - but do not worry. We are here to motivate and encourage you. After 5 sessions you will feel happier (it's the happiness hormones that are being released), you will notice small changes on your body, you will feel fitter than before, more awake.


What can you achieve in 20 sessions?

Well - if you wanted to lose weight for instance - a lot can happen in that time. If you are on a diet and you support the weight loss with our training, you will be able to lose a substantial amount of weight and tone your body nicely.  Also, you will feel a lot more energetic  (this I can guarantee you), happier, more motivated and confident. 


Wanna give it a try????