I am a licensed Personal Trainer, based in Berlin and originally from Hamburg, with stations in London, Dubai and Doha.

My Story

Growing up in Hamburg in the 70th and 80th, I have embraced the Aerobics era as a teenager (I lasted until the end 90th) Also loved swimming, rowing and tennis (though that's not really my big talent). I then ended up studying and working for many news channels in London, Dubai, Doha (where I discovered circuit training and boxing - my passion today) and Berlin. In 2016 I decided to start afresh and have established my business PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, which I am running and expanding successfully. 

My Mission

My mission is to not chase the perfect body. My mission is to find a balance while enjoying life. I find 'enjoying life' is the most important aspect to a healthy life style. So everything in moderation is a good start, yet don't be too strict. I follow the idea of 'enjoy your food and drinks and start finding a routine for your work out'. Live and  love your edges and imperfections as they make who you are.


perfectly imperfect - love your curves and be yourself




From Duesseldorf to England to Abu Dhabi to Dubai to Berlin to Doha and now in South Africa. I am a PA by background and know all about sitting all day long and that had to change.


My Story

 Some situations in life mean to change you. I rushed from one thing to the other, no time to exercise, no time to myself. Annoyed by crowded and loud  gyms (is this even music what they play these days??), tired, exhausted and unhappy. However, the house was spotless (white tiles + dog = hold on to the mop!) and all chores after work were perfectly scheduled and done. My ‘muffin tops’ came and comfortably stayed. But then I met him.. Mr Joseph Pilates. After some casual dates our relationship grew, and got more intense and voila:  That’s me, hanging in the reformer. I teach Pilates, also for Pre and Postnatal pregnant women. I am a licensed Health Coach and I am very much looking forward to keep you #perfectlyimperfect  - just more awesome !

My Mission

'You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions'. Joe Pilates

This is my mission. It’s not about having a six pack. It is about a healthy body with a focused mind and an awesome posture to face the challenges live gives you. And if you get a six pack by strengthening your body by following the philosophy of Joseph Pilates – by all means, keep it.

Let's get you going - FACE TO FACE ONLINE TRAINING - it does not matter where you are.